A musical and theatrical duo between Damien Luce and his brother Renan.


We know the composer, but do we know the man? Monsieur Debussy is a dive into the intimacy of the famous French composer. A monologue built from the rich correspondence of Debussy, and interspersed with piano music. In the manner of the musical salons of the old days, Claude Debussy receives spectators at home, and tells them about his music, war, his disease, his daughter, and performs some of his piano compositions. The friendliness of the show, its interactive nature, allows the public to enter the intimacy of Debussy, and discover his world.


A clown version of Cyrano de Bergerac, performed by five actors and two musicians, while respecting the original text by Edmond Rostand. A burlesque show, mixing humor, emotion, music and dance.

With : Stéphanie Lassus-Debat, Mélanie Le Duc, Damien Luce, Damien Henno, Guillaume Charbuy, Thierry Victor, Erwan Orain, Stéphane Malassenet, Maxie Perrin, Alexis Collin, Marta Power-Luce, Delphine Latil, Sarah Massuelles.


Young audience show.

Produced by Alto – Solutions artistiques (Louise Durette)

Accompanied by a cartoonist, pianist and actor Damien Luce performs the Story of Babar, with music by Francis Poulenc and text by Jean de Brunhoff. On stage, the Argentinian illustrator Federico Mozzi draws what the music evokes him, adding a dimension to the show for children to be more attentive and amazed.

Then, the children get to draw the music performed by Damien Luce. On Debussy’s piano work, they are thus fully integrated into the process of artistic creation.


Young audience show.

One actress interprets five characters. From one continent to another, lulled by the sound and lighting scenes, the audience gets through the story of a Ladybug who would not leave her land, despite a devastating snowstorm. At the end of the show, we understand that the character of Cossinelle is simply the fruit of the imagination of a little girl … The show is based on interactivity between the technical manager and stage actress.


A show written by Martial Leroux. Midway between theater and music, the show – which combines seriousness and whimsical humor in the spirit – presents selected pages of French piano music, illustrated by projections of impressionist paintings .

Works by Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Fauré, Dupont, Séverac, Chabrier, Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Degas, Caillebotte, Bureau, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cézanne, Pissarro, Kroyer, Grün.

With : Martial Leroux et Damien Luce.